Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Somak Mukherjee: In Memorium

Somak Mukherjee - the young cinematographer who was behind the success of many of the recent Bangla films, who gave them a distinct identity, a special feel, by having contributed in a major way as the man wielding the camera and the canning the shots with the lenses - is no more!
On Saturday, April 23, this talented 35-year old was killed in a motorcycle accident, right in front of his home. He was riding pillion and was hit by a car from behind.
Somak Mukherjee had done the cinematography of several Bangla films (even a few Hindi films), some of which are:
Iti Mrinalini,
and Le Chhakka.

May his soul rest in peace.

"Iti Mrinalini"
"Iti Mrinalini"

"Le Chhakka"


  1. I had seen Somak's work in films like "Black and White", "Ugly & Pagli", "Pankh" and "Sikandar". (both in Hindi). I am really saddened to know that he is no more.
    I will be looking forward to the release of "Iti Mrinalini" - am intrigued by the stills.

  2. It is certainly a sad loss, especially for Bangla cinema.