Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Hottest Heroine Right Now: Srabanti

The hottest heroine of Bangla films, right now, is definitely Srabanti.

Srabanti had started out her acting career rather early, as a child artiste, she had a big break as a heroine opposite Jeet, in the movie "Champion", but then she took a hiatus as she got married and family became her big responsibility. However, she has resurfaced, thankfully, to the delight of all her fans, and has been ruling the roost with her films enjoying box-office success of late.

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  1. Srabanti is blessed with good looks, and she is quite a natural when it comes to acting, maybe her grooming in the early years have helped in that. The fact that she is married to Rajib, one of the competent young directors, should also help her in making a real splash in varied roles in the future.