Wednesday, March 12, 2014

From the Indian Panorama 2013

Three Bangla films created quite the buzz being part of the Indian Panorama in 2013, but only two of them have been released last year.

2014 should see the release of the remaining one, namely 'Apur Panchali'......

It has won rave reviews already from the critics and cineastes who have been lucky to catch it at the festivals.
Directed by Kaushik Ganguly, 'Apur Panchali' stars Parambrata Chatterjee and Parno Mitra.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Beyond demises

Back....... after a long hiatus.
Last year, after the demise of Rituparno Ghosh, the master filmmaker, I personally felt a deep void and knew not how to carry on......

And this year, at the very beginning of the year, as the legendary heroine Suchitra Sen was bid the final farewell (she had personally bid farewell to the world of films and glamour long, long ago), I delayed my comeback here on the pages of my blog.

But in the world of showbiz, the show has to go on...... and films continue to capture our imagination and more. But first, here's as I have mentioned the two demises, let me also throw some light on these two favorites of mine.

My favorite films starring Suchitra Sen:
'Bhagoban SriKrishna Chaitanya' (1953)
'AgniPareekkha' (1954)
'Devdas' (1955)
'Shilpi' (1956)
'Harano Sur' (1957)
'Pathey Holo Deri' (1957)
'Rajlakshmi O Srikanto' (1958)
'Surjya Toron' (1958)
'Indrani' (1958)
'Deep Jwele Jaai' (1959)
'Chaowa Paowa' (1959)
'Hospital' (1960)
'Bombai Ka Babu' (1960)
'Saptapadi' (1961)
'Bipasha' (1962)
'Saat Paake Bnadha' (1963)
'Uttar Phalguni' (1963)
'Mamta' (1966)
'Grihadaha' (1967)
'Kamallata' (1969)
'Fariyaad' (1971)
'Aalo Aamar Aalo' (1972)
'Haar Maana Haar' (1972)
'Debi Chaudhurani' (1974)
'Aandhi' (1975)
'Datta' (1976)

My favorite films of director Rituparno Ghosh:
'Hirer Angti' (1992)
'Unishe April' (1994)
'Dahan' (1997)
'Baariwaali' (1999)
'Asukh' (1999)
'Utsab' (2000)
'Titli' (2002)
'Shubho Maharat' (2002)
'Chokher Baali' (2003)
'Raincoat' (2004)
'Antarmahal' (2005)
'Dosar' (2006)
'The Last Lear' (2007)
'Abohoman' (2010)
'Noukadubi' (2012)
'Sunglass' (2012)
'Chitrangada' (2012)