Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Somak Mukherjee: In Memorium

Somak Mukherjee - the young cinematographer who was behind the success of many of the recent Bangla films, who gave them a distinct identity, a special feel, by having contributed in a major way as the man wielding the camera and the canning the shots with the lenses - is no more!
On Saturday, April 23, this talented 35-year old was killed in a motorcycle accident, right in front of his home. He was riding pillion and was hit by a car from behind.
Somak Mukherjee had done the cinematography of several Bangla films (even a few Hindi films), some of which are:
Iti Mrinalini,
and Le Chhakka.

May his soul rest in peace.

"Iti Mrinalini"
"Iti Mrinalini"

"Le Chhakka"

Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Hottest Heroine Right Now: Srabanti

The hottest heroine of Bangla films, right now, is definitely Srabanti.

Srabanti had started out her acting career rather early, as a child artiste, she had a big break as a heroine opposite Jeet, in the movie "Champion", but then she took a hiatus as she got married and family became her big responsibility. However, she has resurfaced, thankfully, to the delight of all her fans, and has been ruling the roost with her films enjoying box-office success of late.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Happy Birthday, Madam Sen

Suchitra Sen - the grand beauty icon of Bangla cinema was born on this very day.

Here's a list of my favorite Suchitra Sen films (only Bangla films):

1. Shapmochan (1955)
2. Sagarika (1956)
3. Shilpi (1956)
4. Harano Sur (1957)
5. Pathe Holo Deri (1957)
6. Jeeban Trishna (1957)
7. Rajlakshmi O Srikanta (1958)
8. Surya Toron (1958)
9. Indrani (1958)
10. Dweep Jwele Jaai (1959)
11. Chaaowa Paaowa (1959)
12. Hospital (1960)
13. Saptapadi (1961)
14. Saat Paake Baandha (1963)
15. Uttar Phalguni (1963)
16. Grihadaaha (1967)
17. Kamallata (1969)
18. Aalo Aamaar Aalo (1972)
19. Haar Maana Haar (1972)
20. Debi Chowdhurani (1974)
21. Datta (1976)