Sunday, September 4, 2011

'Aajob Prem Ebong...'

'Aajob Prem Ebong... Ekti Bus-er Galpo' 

'Aajob Prem Ebong.... Ekti Bus-er Galpo' continues the happy flow of interesting Bangla films that has been a boon for the cinema-lovers. We welcome, with open arms, the fresh perspectives, the freshness in treatment and execution, and we love the fresh talents on and off-screen. 'Aajob Prem Ebong...' marks the debut of director Arindam Dey. The cast includes: Paoli Dam, Rahul, Chiranjit, Padmanabha, Shamik, Anirban, Biswajit Chakraborty, Mithu Chakraborty and Sabyasachi Chakraborty. The music is by Shamik Sinha, and the script is by Padmanabha Dasgupta.

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