Thursday, June 2, 2011

Vikram: Making a splash with his debut

Vikram Chatterjee is might seem, to the uninitiated, yet another actor in Tollygunge, as he makes his silver screen debut with Arup Bhanja's new film, tentatively titled "Aalor Thikana", but the Bangla television audience have already been won by this guy since he started acting in the serial "Saat Paake Bandha".

The serial had got him a fair amount of fan-following, and now he is keen to be appreciated by the film-goers as well. Vikram is being seen in the party circuit every now and then, and the rumor-mills are abuzz with stories of his romancing actress Paoli Dam. They have been supposedly spotted together at trendy joints and nightclubs, and are known be quite an item pair.

Vikram has contract-bound with the makers of his debut serial but now he wants to aim big once his screen outing gets the much desired appreciation. He has acted in theatre in Mumbai, and has studied acting in Kishore Namit Kapoor's institute there. He does have gentle good looks and has a charming smile to set the girls' hearts aflutter.

Here's wishing Vikram all the best.... may he conquer Tollywood!:-)

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  1. Even before his first film has been canned, Vikram has earned much popularity & some tabloid fame too. His pics appear almost every other day on the Page 3 supplements and in the film tabloids.