Friday, February 4, 2011


This is a blogspace that seeks to celebrate Bangla Cinema, that is films made in Bengali language (essentially, since these days many films have multiple languages and are often given hybrid labels such as Hinglish - Hindi+English, Hingla - Hindi+Bangla, Banglish - Bangla+English etc. which sounds quite laughable). Anyways, I am a lover of Bangla cinema. And hence am eager to share my thoughts on films seen - be they recent, or from the past. I hope I would find some takers among my friends who too are film enthusiasts. I just have to make sure that I do not get too infrequent with my posts, as I am known to be quite lazy and complacent in general. 
Bangla Cinema is often referred to as 'chhobi' (the literal meaning in English: painting/drawing) in Bengal, and sometimes people also refer to cinema by the word 'boi' (meaning: book), while the former connotation highlights the visual appeal, the latter emphasizes on the narrative structure which is a format akin to novels or books of fiction as they used to form the primary basis for scenarios (the storytelling is still of prime importance, though there has been a sharp decline in the novel/book to screen transformations). 

Keep visiting this space for my contributions, friends, and I would welcome your contributions in the form of comments as well.

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