Monday, January 23, 2012

'Royal Bengal Rahasya'

The latest Feluda flick, 'Royal Bengal Rahasya' rocks!!!

It is better than many other films of Sandip Ray in the same series.

The story, one of the very best, offered much to explore cinematically.
Sandip Ray has surely tried his level best to live up to the expectations of the avid readers of the novel, penned by Late Satyajit Ray.

The cast and crew demands a big applause, indeed. Kudos!

'Aparajita Tumi'

Sunday, January 15, 2012

'Goraay Gondogol'

From director Aniket Chattopadhyay, comes this laugh riot......

Saturday, January 14, 2012

From Small to Big Screen

A bunch of television stars are making or are about to make a splash on the big screen. Here's a quick look at some of the most promising ones from the lot. Some are fresher than the others though.
Gaurav Chakraborty
Indrasish Roy
Ritabhari Chakraborty
Indrasish Roy
Rudranil Ghosh
Ranojoy Bishnu
Ranojoy and Riju
Ranojoy and Rohit
Ranojoy and Gaurav
Gaurav and Ajun Chakraborty

Friday, January 13, 2012


'Bedroom' is director Mainak Bhaumik's second feature film.
Mainak is young, talented, impressionable. But his film leaves one with mixed feelings.
Mainak's earlier film, 'Aamra', had lifted heavily from 'Sidewalks of New York', and had to thus face the ire of critics. But it was a much better film compared to this one. Here, he plays safe and fails miserably.The impressive cast is failed by the limp direction.

The cast includes Aabir Chatterjee, Paoli Dam, Rudranil Ghosh, Ushasie Chakraborty, Biplab Dasgupta, Parno Mitra, Rahul, Pallabi, Anubrata, Vikram, and Tanushree.

A sense of deja vu permeates the stories involving all the three friends, and their romantic interests.

A smattering of topical, urbanite stuff, especially the contemporary sexual behaviour and trends, make us chuckle and smile. Sadly, it is all that the script succeeds in doing.

Some bits are unconvincing, and some are even incredulous.
The characters and situations never fully come to life.

Redeeming factor: the music scored by Rupam and Allan, their songs punctuate ably.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

100% Love

Once again Jeet and Koyel have starred in a romantic caper...... it's '100% Love'.

The film is directed by Ravi Kinagi, and is yet another Southern remake.

What's likely to work in its favor is the on-screen chemistry between Jeet & Koyel.

The fans have fondly christened the pairing Jee-Ko...... and it really rocks!

The songs have already become chart-toppers. The film releases on 20th January.

Monday, January 9, 2012

new year, new movie - Damadol

2012 is here...... and it's a new year at the movies.......
Bangla Cinema has seen a lot of breakthroughs in the recent past.
The scenario looks promising in general.
And hence, here's a look at some of the fresh faces.......

Some are known faces, some are much loved because of their work on television, some are brand new..... these are the members of the cast of a new film that is likely to entertain us this year. It is good to see fresh talents, fresh endeavours, fresh takes...... what encourages me most, as a viewer, is the fact that the makers of films are bouncing off new ideas, newer grounds are attempted to be explored. Some may have been successful, and others may have failed, yet - at this juncture - there can be nothing more exciting than looking ahead, with a lot of hope, and even a little trepidation, and setting the goals right. Kudos to all who are taking small or giant strides this year........!!!!

Filming in progress: 'Damadol'
[Hope to catch more on the film soon!]
The principal cast of 'Damadol' comprises of:
Samadarshi, Ritabhari, Shaheb, Rajdeep, Anindita & Gunjan.
Here's wishing this zany romance directed by Manoj Michigan all the best.